Frequently Asked Questions and Things to Know

How does the delivery process work?
The bike(s) will be ready to ride and delivered in person at the location of the trail head. If possible, provide a good contact number on the reservation form in order to assist with communication.
What do I do with the bike(s) when riding is complete?
If you rented the bike(s) for the maximum amount of time as per the reservation then a driver should be available at the same location as the drop off point from earlier that day.
What if I don’t ride for the entire length of the rental period?
If you decide to end your day early this is perfectly acceptable, try to get the bike(s) in approximately the same location as the drop off point from earlier that day. Ensure the bike(s) is/are secure with the lock(s) provided and then contact Ridgeline Rentals.
Can I leave before the driver returns?
Yes, you may leave prior to your delivery driver returning provided you were able to communicate with the driver and that the bike(s) have been properly secured.
**Tip: if possible take a picture of the location in which the bikes have been secured and send it to your delivery driver. This will make the process smoother.
What if there is an issue with the equipment during the ride?
First and foremost safety is paramount. If an unsafe situation arises stop the ride immediately. If the problem cannot be resolved by you or anyone near to assist please contact Ridgeline Rentals and we will do our best to help correct the issue.
It is possible, but unlikely, that you may have to walk your bike(s) back to the start of the trailhead in certain situations if an expedient repair cannot be made on the trail. Again contact Ridgeline Rentals to assist you in an extreme circumstance as this.
What if someone is injured on the trail?
If it is a medical emergency do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.
Additionally, please notify Ridgeline Rentals as soon as reasonably possible.
Mountain biking can be a risky activity so make an effort to minimize all unnecessary risks and possible dangers. Assist each other in ensuring safety at all times. If a situation seems unsafe stop riding immediately and take action to ensure a safe ride before continuing. Remember to wear your helmet!
What kind of clothing should I wear?
Southern California is a beautiful place for outdoor activities but remember to dress appropriately which may include layers.
Head – Helmet, sun glasses or protective eyewear as needed
Torso – Breathable attire such as athletic t-shirts and/or longsleeves as needed, cycling jerseys/jackets, fleece outergarment or weatherproof jacket as needed
Legs – typically shorts with sturdy fabric to minimize affects of abrasion from self or things found on the trail like brush, athletic or basketball shorts and jean/khaki shorts will work as well
Shoes – flat bottom shoes allow for more grip, simple tennis shoes will work as well
Accessories – You may prefer using gloves, knee pads, elbow pads to provide extra safety and/or comfort, consider a camelback/hyrdation system and/or a small backpack